When life puts you in unexpected and unwelcomed situations it’s easy to stress out and get frantic. That’s exactly how I got when my car broke down and I didn’t know why it had happened or what my next move would be. Fortunately, thanks to Halli’s Autocare, those horrible feelings were short lived.

Within moments of reaching out to them I felt reassured. I have never before been so well taken care of, and I’ve been through my share of breakdowns. Halli’s is a trust worthy establishment run by trustworthy people. Their focus wasn’t about making money, but instead about creating safety. They kept me updated on the status of my vehicle and were up front about what was wrong. They didn’t try to add additional costs that weren’t needed. They are genuine people providing dependable service. That’s what you want - Someone and somewhere you can rely on when something goes wrong. Reliable, sincere, knowledgeable = Halli’s.

I have been a customer of Halli's Auto Care for more than 25 years.  He has serviced several vehicles for me, including my first car, a real junker.  Through the years, the service has been very reliable.  The mechanics are knowledgeable and take care with their work.  I am made aware of any possible up-coming problems.  I do a lot of long distance driving and feel safe on the road, knowing that my vehicle is in good condition.

Halli's AutoCare has provided trustworthy, reasonably priced, and dependable service to our family for over 25 years. From oil changes to major repairs, Halli's AutoCare is our preferred service center.

Our recent purchase of a vehicle from Halli's AutoSales only reinforced the positive feelings we already had. Great product. No-hassle deal. Best auto purchase experience ever!

Ed Yui,

Halli's Autocare has been a friend to our family for years. I grew up on family autos that were maintained by Halli's. And when I could finally afford my own automobile, my first personal purchase was a slightly used Subaru Forester that Halli had checked over very meticulously before selling it to me. I have always felt very safe and taken care of by Halli's ability to keep my Subaru running well and reliable. And Halli's always reminds me when I need to come in for a check-up! My car has MANY, MANY dirt road miles on it, but he has given me the confidence that it will be with me for many seasons to come. When I call for an oil change, or due to an odd sound coming from somewhere I could not identify, Halli's Autocare can get me in right away to take care of my car's needs. Although it is about a 40 mile drive to Halli's from my home, I would never consider going anywhere else - in fact, when I was in graduate school in Chicago, I would still drive my car back to Halli's for it's maintenance. THAT is how important and integral Halli's Autocare is to me and my need to have a safe, reliable car!

G. Willson ATR-BC, LPC, NCC, Designer